About Us

Who are we? The people behind vancouverpubs.com are first and foremost social individuals. We like people. And we like congregating, talking, debating, discussing and well….drinking. We like beer in particular, but wine and scotch are close seconds. To paraphrase an old cliché, we believe in working hard so that we can live life and enjoy it to its fullest.

Pubs in particular hold a dear place in our hearts as these are establishments that should evoke a sense of comfort and belonging. We are not opposed to night clubs, martini bars, and the like. We recognize that every now and then it’s nice to dawn your best threads and hit the town. However, for us, we prefer to spend our Friday nights sitting around with our friends at our local pub.


We also believe that every individual is entitled to their own opinion. We strive to provide an unbiased view of the Vancouver pub scene recognizing that each establishment is different and caters to different tastes and preferences. Our aim is not to judge, rather to inform. We appreciate diversity and prefer a city that offers a variety of pub experiences. Sometimes you feel like a pint of Guinness sometimes you don’t.


In no way do we condone any form of alcohol abuse. In particular we are adamantly opposed to the mixing of drinking and driving (that includes bicycles!). If you drink and drive you are stupid plain and simple. We not only appreciate alcohol but we also respect it. It is a substance that should not be abused both for health reasons as well as for personal and public safety. If you are planning to drink, make sure you can either walk home, or take a cab or public transit. There is no excuse.

We hope you like our site. Please send us your comments and suggestions, or let us know if you want to go for some natchos.