- 1 1/2 oz vodka
- 2 dashes Tabasco® sauce
- 4 dashes Worcestershire sauce
- clamato juice
- spicy bean

Directions: Line the rim of a glass with celery salt. Over ice, add vodka, tobasco, and worcestershire. Fill with clamato to mix. Garnish with a spicy bean.

The Caesar — Not Just a Breakfast Drink

The Caesar is a unique cocktail, as Canadian as toques, Timbits and the Stanley Cup. Invented in 1969 by a bartender in Calgary, the drink is easily the undisputed national cocktail of Canada.

History of the Caesar

To commemorate the opening of a new restaurant, the Calgary Westin Hotel sponsored a contest to develop a new cocktail. Up to the challenge, bartender Walter Chell spent months perfecting the combination of tomato juice, clam nectar, lime, worcestershire sauce, celery salt and vodka to win the contest. Not long after, the Motts company worked with Chell to release what is now sold as Clamato juice.

What Makes the Caesar Unique?
— The Garnish

Equally as important as the core ingredients, and some would say more important, is the garnish. Spicy beans, celery sticks, pickles, jalepeno peppers, prawns all contribute to make each caesar unique.