The Marine Pub(& Brewery), a Fine Public House, Indeed.

~ intrepid beer drinker/journalist, Rein Klasen.

Last Sunday my mates and I were looking for a place to continue our conquest of beers following a shocking loss to a bunch of hardened Romanian footballers in our opening summer league match. Of course we weren’t too disappointed because, as with many amateurs, it isn’t so much about the full 90 as it is about the full pints, afterwards.

Located in Burnaby, at the bottom of Gilley Ave. and Marine Dr., the Marine Pub was a chosen for no other reason than its proximity to our homes. I must admit, I have driven by the place numerous times, and jeered for no reason at all. Well, perhaps it’s because I am from West Burnaby, and this was the South. But its services were being called into action, and simple prejudices were no longer appropriate. Besides, I now live only a couple of blocks away. From the outside, my first impression was that of a small town watering hole attached to the, ubiquitous, local Cold Beer & Wine. However, this apparent small town establishment is steeped in mockery by housing a micro brewery, and placing the giant, metal cisterns of liquid gold in the front window, next to the sea of Ford

in the parking lot. Amused, I am eager to enter. Once seated inside, I quickly got over the feeling I was in Prince George and resumed in the disparaging of my close friends.

On their website they love their open truss ceiling, but to be absolutely honest, it just looks unfinished. But we’ll forgive them, cause their beer is pretty good. As for the rest of the place, well, it’s nice. But really, who cares? It’s clean, wooden, and spacious enough to drink beer. It also has a heated patio where you can smoke your brains out, should you be so inclined. The Marine Pub is well equipped to keep the lightweight happy too, with plasma TV’s, and yadda, yadda, yadda…you know what? You can check the virtual tour on the website if you really want to find out more about the in house amenities. Page 2 >